About us

We are based in Singapore and is established in 2005. We offer a variety of items, ranging from various well-known dollhouse miniatures, play scales to gadget toys. All our items are carefully selected to ensure that you will have the best quality and enjoys a huge selection of choices. So you are able to get everything in one stop and save on shipping.

To ensure we are constantly in tune with the market trend, new products are updated every month. We also maintain a blogTwitter, and Facebook account where we share our thoughts and views on our products. Please feel free to join us on Facebook, or follow us at Twitter and also drop us a comment in our blog, we like to know how we fare in the writing department :) We are also a cellphone user-friendly site and are able to do customisation for you

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Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment is complete customer satisfaction. All orders are inspected and carefully packaged. We personally pick, pack, and ship every item to ensure it arrives at you safely and in the shortest time. All emails will be responded to within or less than 24 hours, regardless of the time zone. We enjoy impeccable Customer Feedback and also appreciate the privilege to be working for our satisfied customers from all over the world.

In addition, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with the item(s) you purchase. As we understand the joy and excitement of receiving your orders fast,  shipping is done on the same or next business day after all transactions are completed. Lastly, we need your valuable feedback to allow us to improve and provide the best customer service.


Community Contributions

We believe in giving back to the community and have made a donation to the project as stated below. If you are planning for some charity events, you're welcome to contact us for contributions.

1) Puddle (Pullip & Dal Doll Lovers Event) Style (held in Illinois)

2) Re-ment Fan Club meeting (held in Los Angeles) on 13th March 2011

3) CLEO Magazine (Singapore) December 2009 Issue (please click on the picture to enlarge)
Sponsored the Arcade Atari Breakout Electronic Video Game Coin Bank as one of the gifts in its monthly 'Cos We Like You' competition

4) www.littlebits.ca
Miniature Designer Chair donation was contributed

Media Mentioned
1) New York Times - 7th April 2010 "Home and Garden Section - Modern Design In Miniature Is Growing"

2) MindChic Club - 


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