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We are based in Singapore and is established since 2005. We offer a variety of items, ranging from various well known dollhouse miniatures, playscales to gadget toys. All our items are carefully selected to ensure that you will have the best quality and enjoys a huge selection of choices. So you are able to get everything in one stop and save on shipping.

To ensure we are constantly in tune with the market trend, new products are updated every month. We also maintain a blogTwitter and Facebook account where we share our thoughts and views on our products. Please feel free to join us in Facebook, or follow us at Twitter and also drop us a comment in our blog, we like to know how we fare in the writing department :) We are also a cellphone user friendly site, and is able to do customisation for you

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
Our commitment is complete customer satisfaction. All orders are inspected and carefully packaged. We personally pick, pack, and ship every item to ensure it arrives to you safely and in the shortest time. All emails are responsed within or less than 24 hours, regardless of time zone. We enjoy impeccable Customer Feedback and also appreciate the privilege to be working for our satisfied customers from all over the world.

In addition, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied of the item(s) you purchase. As we understand the joy and excitement of receiving your orders fast,  shipping is done on the same or next business day after all transactions are completed. Lastly, we need your valuable feedback to allow us to improve and provide the best customer service.

Security Ensured
Our website is certify by Rapid SSL (the seal can be found on the bottom left of all pages), to ensure all your transactions with us are secured. Please note that we do not store your credit card information here.

Community Contributions
We believe in giving back to the community and have made a donation to the project as stated below. If you are planning for some charity events, you're welcome to contact us for contributions.

1) Puddle (Pullip & Dal Doll Lovers Event) Style (held in Illinois)

2) Re-ment Fan Club meeting (held in Los Angeles) on 13th March 2011

3) CLEO Magazine (Singapore) December 2009 Issue (please click on picture to enlarge)
Sponsored the Arcade Atari Breakout Electronic Video Game Coin Bank as one of the gift in it's monthly 'Cos We Like You' competition

4) www.littlebits.ca
Miniature Designer Chair donation was contributed

Media Mentioned
1) New York Times - 7th April 2010 "Home and Garden Section - Modern Design In Miniature Is Growing"

2) MindChic Club - http://www.mindchicclub.com/6/post/2013/01/a-chat-with-lydia-founder-of-etradersplace-collectible-miniature-specialist.html

Blogs Mentioned
We are grateful to the following bloggers for mentioning our website in their blogs.

1) Black Bird Has Spoken - "Take Your Hands Off Your Door House And Step Away"

2) Sonhodegarotamt  - Miniaturas

3) La Casa Rossa

4) Blog de Brinquedo -  Cozinha de Boneca Completa and Guitarras Fender em Miniatura

5) Guitarkadia - Guitar Coolness Part Two

6) Smell The Coffee - Miniature Designer Chairs

7) Baby Dress

8) My Miniature Adventure - New ReacJapan Chairs?

9) The Happy Queen Mini Land


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1 x Dollhouse Miniature 8 Retro Boford Scooter
1 x Vintage 1972 EFSI Plus Die Cast Metal Scale Model Cars #2
1 x Dollhouse Miniature Display Cabinet
1 x Dollhouse Miniature 5 Porcelain White with Blue Borders Plates
1 x Dollhouse Miniature Foldable Writing Desk
1 x Barbie Dollhouse Miniature Handsewn Bikini Suit with Bag (Pink)
1 x Dollhouse Miniature Bedroom Wardrobe Cupboard
1 x Dollhouse Miniature Hexagon Glass Wooden Display Cabinet
1 x Vintage Classic 1988 Bandai Ninja Monster Godzilla Toy
1 x Barbie Dollhouse Miniature Yellow Causal Dress with Tote Bag
1 x Vintage 1972 EFSI Plus Die Cast Metal Scale Model Cars #1
1 x Dollhouse Miniature ex:ride Classic Bicycle (Green)
1 x Dollhouse Miniature ex:ride American Motor Bike - Yellow
1 x Masudaya 1997 Mini Friction Motor Rocket Racer with Box
1 x Masudaya 1997 Mini Machine Robot with Box (Japan Made)
1 x Barbie Dollhouse Miniature Handsewn Bikini Suit with Bag (Blue)
1 x Dollhouse Miniature 4 Legged Writing Desk
1 x Dollhouse Miniature 6 Chicken Motif Round Shape Plates
1 x Barbie Dollhouse Miniature White Causal Dress with Tote Bag
1 x Vintage Classic 1984 Takara Missle Bike w Box & Sticker
1 x Barbie Dollhouse Miniature Blue Causal Dress with Tote Bag
1 x Dollhouse Miniature Display Cabinet With Drawer
1 x Dollhouse Miniature 4 Small White Chicken Motif Fish S
1 x Vintage Mechanical Wind Up Silver Tank w Turn Action & Box
1 x Barbie Dollhouse Miniature Midriff Shirt and Jeans with Hat and
1 x Dollhouse Miniature ex:ride American Motor Bike - White
1 x Dollhouse Miniature Cabinet in Hexagon Shape
1 x Dollhouse Miniature 4 Chicken Motif Square Plate
1 x Dollhouse Miniature ex:ride Animal Car - Panda
1 x Barbie Dollhouse Miniature Green Causal Shorts and Shirt with To
1 x Dollhouse Miniature 5 Round Chicken Motif Flowery Porcelain Plat
1 x Vintage Classic Wind Up Tin Air Fighter Plane w Box
1 x Dollhouse Miniature ex:ride American Motor Bike - Red
1 x Barbie Dollhouse Miniature Hello Kitty Pants and Shirt with Bag
1 x Vintage Circus Wind Up Looping Action Aeroplane Plane
1 x Dollhouse Miniature Collection Display Shelf - Brown
1 x Dollhouse Miniature 4 Chicken Motif Flowery Oval Plate
1 x Dollhouse Miniature ex:ride Animal Car - Bear
1 x Dollhouse Miniature Display Cabinet & Cash Register
1 x Dollhouse Miniature ex:ride Mini Bikes - White
1 x Barbie Dollhouse Miniature Green Party Dress with beads
1 x Dollhouse Miniature 3 Blue White Porcelain Plate
1 x Vintage Mint Bandai LSI Electronic Handheld Baseball Game w Box
1 x Vintage 1972 EFSI Plus Die Cast Metal Scale Model Cars #3
1 x Vintage 1969 Peanut Racer Frankonia Friction Car
1 x Dollhouse Miniature Brown Book Display Cabinet
1 x Dollhouse Miniature Electric Bus w Lamp Post
1 x Barbie Dollhouse Miniature Handsewn Bikini Suit with Bag (Black)